Danny White: Musician Extraordinaire

   Danny began his career in 1968 when he worked his first paying gig at a skating rink as an Organist in Columbus,Ohio. He also worked a 5 to 6 nights a week gig at The BILTMORE and Florentine Restaurants on the Hammond Organ during dinner hour.

   He worked with many well known groups in Southern Gospel Music appearing at coliseums,fairs and many churches nationwide including one particular group known as the Challengers out of Columbus,Ohio.

   Throughout the 70’s he continued touring as a piano player in Southern Gospel Music playing keys for the nationally known Frost Brothers and Don Frost. Danny made several appearances on the Country Cavalcade hosted by country radio station WMNI out of Columbus,Ohio working as a staff musician. Also in the early 70’s he toured the fair circuit with many of the acts from Hee Haw! – a very popular TV Show at that time. It was better known as the Hee Haw Road Show which featured Grand Pa Jones,The Hagar Twins, Susan Raye, Weeping Willie, String Bean and Archie CampbellDanny was also the keyboard player for some acts from the Lawrence Welk Show as well! These people consisted of Guy and Ralna, Clay Hart, Bobby and Sissy the ball room dancers and Myron Floren.

   In 1977 Danny was hired as the staff piano player at the Wheeling Jamboree. He worked two shows every Saturday night until his one year contract was up.He worked the very first Jamboree In The Hills backing up 33 entertainers during that show which went on for two days then! They still have the Jamboree In The Hills every year in the summer to this day and it goes for 3 days now instead of 2.

   When Danny left the Wheeling Jamboree , he was hired for a time with Faron Young and the Singing Deputies. After a stint with Faron Young, Danny joined The Tiny Wellman Band and he was the music arranger/director,and keyboard player with Tiny. He was with this band 13 years.

   Danny was the arranger and keyboard man for an Elvis show for 6 years running. He spent a week in Laughland, Nevada working with the Jordanaires ( The Jordanaires are an American vocal quartet, which formed as a gospel group in 1948. They are best known for providing vocal background for Elvis Presley, in live appearances and recordings from 1956 to 1972. The group has also worked in the recording studio, on stage, and on television with many other country and rock and roll artists. )

    Danny also worked as keyboardist and music director at several churches in the Columbus,Ohio area. Thoughout the years Danny has been one of the most sought after musicians in the country. Danny has worked in several recording studios across the country throughout his career. He practically lived at Rome Recording Studio in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s since he was one of the staff musicians there and they depended on him to run the sessions, charting up the tunes and creating the arrangements. He was co-producer on many of the projects that were released out of that studio.

   Today Danny works as a solo artist performing with one or 2 stacks of keyboards depending on the gig. Due to his vast experience in touring and session work, he creates a lot of his own tracks that he uses to perform with. There’s more to it than just hitting the play button! He spends hours in the studio laying down each part of the track’s instrumentation and produces the arrangements himself. Once you see and hear him perform you will see why he is known as “THE MUSICIAN EXTRAORDINAIRE” of Columbus,Ohio!

As his performance sells itself, you will see for yourself that “THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING”. Danny is definitely a workman and craftsman worthy of his hire, and worth every dollar!